Paranormal Dining

Everyone enjoys a good meal, but visitors to this Jacksonville restaurant may leave with more than they paid for, which could include a ghost encounter.

Recently, TacoLu’s re-located their business to a more historical site. For customers, this means a little longer of a drive, or shorter, depending on where you’re coming from. Oh yea, and the chance to dine with the dead.

Last week, my roommate and his girlfriend ate at Lu’s. Their server told them of their new buildings not so new occupant, and even gave them a couple spooky stories.

One story involved a young dishwasher. On break, the boy went outback to dribble a basketball. The ball rolled into the wood, but all employees saw was him running and screaming out of the woods and all the way home, he never returned. After a week, managers called the boy who claimed to see the upper half of a women rising from the ground.



photo by: Debbie Nicol

The ghost is thought to be the late Alpha Paynter. She was once the operator of a boarding house, but never got the memo to vacate.

All these encounters happened before TacoLu’s re-located, when the restaurant was called The Homestead.

Since, Lu’s moved in there have been some creepy encounters. The owner, Debbie Nicol, said there have been things like lights flickering on and off, and a beer cooler opening on its own. The weirdest, happened to an Aramark employee when he delivered the restaurant’s towels and rugs.

“He said hello to her, and she just nodded her head,” Nicol told me. “She was sitting in a seat in front of the fireplace.”

According to multiple sources I found, these events would fall under a stage 3 encounter – out of five stages. At this stage the spirit makes its presence known. Level one and two can be almost feel like your mind playing tricks, but at this stage it is clearly a haunting.

These sources say at stage 4, the poltergeist becomes violent throwing objects and using your worst fears against you. If it reaches this far you are in imminent danger. Level 5 could get you killed.

Not all haunting reach stage 5, and I do not believe this haunting will either. Miss Paynter has been “making her presence known” for quite some time, and in all the encounters she has never harmed anyone, physically.



12 thoughts on “Paranormal Dining

      • Hi Mike: Great article, very interesting. Really enjoyed your writing and the way you made the reader feel he or she is part of the story. Keep up the good work. Aldo from Vero Beach Disney (Teresita’s hubby, Brian’s dad)

      • Right when I saw Aldo I knew it was you, but thank you I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Let me know when you guys head to Disney and I will make sure I make it down. Hope all is well.

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